Dictionary Universal for iPhone and iPad



Q: Browser does not display web sites in version 1.2 or later, but instead it starts downloading file. Why?

A: Apple started rejecting applications providing unfiltered access to the Internet, since this allows bypassing parental control. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't provide developers with means of controlling Internet access depending on device settings. Because of that browser functionality in Dictionary Universal was restricted. Version 2.0 adds possibility of uploading files over USB cable.

Exact address must be entered in built-in browser's address field to download a file. In many cases Safari for iPhone and iPod touch can be used for copying address to clipboard. Touch and hold finger on a hyperlink to a file until menu appears.

Files can also be downloaded from your computer as described here.

Q: Can I install files from my computer?

A: Yes. Files can be installed over USB or Wi-Fi. Please see manuals here.

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